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    Waterways Newsletter Summer edition

    Posted on: 04-12-2019

    Attached is the Summer edition of the Waterways Newsletter.

    Next edition will be after the AGM (25th March 2020).

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    2019 Waterways Festival Sponsorship Opportunities

    Posted on: 14-11-2019

    It is not too late to get involved.
    Why become a sponsor of the Waterways Festival?
    • Connect and give back to your Community
    • Enhance awareness of your product/service
    • Stand out from your competitors
    • Raise your company profile
    • Communicate your core brand values
    • Increase your customer loyalty
    Don't miss an opportunity to put yourself in front of decision makers.
    Packages are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


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    Committee Meeting Minutes

    Posted on: 05-09-2019

    Committee meeting minutes for July have been saved in the document folder under Meetings.
    Next committee meeting is 25 September.

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    Committee update - Lake Fountains

    Posted on: 23-08-2019

    The existing fountains were installed by a company that is no longer in existence. They have been in operation since the beginning of the Waterways development and have required frequent costly maintenance during this time.

    The pumps now require major maintenance and parts replacement to restore them to working condition.

    The company that has provided this maintenance has submitted a quote for repairs that has raised concerns within committee about the cost.

    This contractor has intimate knowledge about the workings and structure of our system and to seek another quote to repair the fountains from another business that practices in this limited field would incur substantial costs for the OC before a pen was even put to paper.

    Our fountains have probably suffered from this high maintenance due to their operational profile to keep power costs acceptable.

    Your committee has decided to explore the economics of replacing the fountains before proceeding with the existing repair quote or authorising another quote at our expense.
    There has been engagement with two other businesses who are importers of fountains from the USA and have an extensive range of products in this field. Their products have long warranties, lower operating costs and are easier to maintain. Initial indications are encouraging, whilst we await more detailed proposals on like replacements or alternative fountains.

    There are very few companies working in this field in Australia and your committee is using all due diligence to get the best economic outcome for owners. Unfortunately, this painstaking work takes time.

    We will update you further when we have further information.

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    Waterways Festival - Call for volunteers

    Posted on: 21-08-2019

    Waterways Festival sub-committee would like to extend a further invitation to join this dynamic group of residents who are working together to bring you a great community event.
    Sub-Committee Chair - Chris Dickinson
    Committee members: Avanti Gosavi, Monika, Marita Anderson (assisted by Fred Alale).
    We are looking for a few more enthusiastic, community minded residents.

    • Are you a team person and want to meet some of your neighbours?
    • Do you enjoy organizing fun activities, seeking/chasing sponsorship or coordinating events/people?
    • Want to get your feet wet on the day, man a stall, meet and greet the community?
    Then please put up your hand and join the Community Sub-Committee - just email info@waterways.com.au

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    Community Event - call for volunteers

    Posted on: 16-07-2019

    The focus for 2019 is building community and what better way to do that than join the new Community Sub-Committee to plan the most amazing and inaugural Waterways festival. We are looking for 4 to 8 enthusiastic, community minded residents.

    • Are you a team person and want to meet some of your neighbours?
    • Do you enjoy organizing fun activities, seeking/chasing sponsorship or coordinating events/people?
    • Want to get your feet wet on the day, man a stall, meet and greet the community?

    Then please put up your hand and join the Community Sub-Committee - just email info@waterways.com.au

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    Waterways Community Garden interview available for 1 week.

    Posted on: 16-07-2019

    If you missed the live interview you can still hear the interview by accessing the programme via the website: www.southernfm.com.au and then click on the Program Guide & scroll down to Tuesdays at 10am - Best Medicine. There should be soundbar to click on with this week's show. It's available for a week & then automatically replaced with the following week's show etc. If there are any difficulties just refresh the page.

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    Waterways Community Garden on Southern FM community radio about 10.05am

    Posted on: 15-07-2019

    Tomorrow, Tuesday 16/7, Gaytana (Waterways resident) will be speaking with Louise about the Waterways Community Garden at about 10.05am on her programme Best Medicine on Southern FM community radio.

    Best Medicine Tuesdays 10-11am on 88.3FM; streaming: www.southernfm.com.au
    Also radio on demand - for one week only - accessed via the Program Guide. Scroll to Tuesdays at 10am and there is a soundbar to click on and listen to the program.


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    2019 AGM reminder

    Posted on: 06-03-2019

    Hi All,
    It is time for the AGM again.

    Date & Time Wednesday 3 April at 6.30 for registration, 7pm for meeting.
    Venue Woodlands Golf Club, 109 White St Mordialloc 3195

    Attached is the AGM documentation including Committee nomination and Proxy forms.

    Hope to see you there.

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    More Free Stuff - collect by 12 noon

    Posted on: 24-08-2018

    We have found some more things in very good condition that we'd like to give away to any interested locals before we move out of our house today:
    1) Nearly new skiing/snowboarding helmet - size 51-52cm;
    2) 2 pairs of Football boots - US sizes 1 and 3;
    3) 1 pair of boys shin guards;
    4) Hot wheels track and train tracks;
    5) Kids guitar
    6) Lots of books

    We will be around until about 12 noon (on Friday 24th), so drop by if your around. Anything that doesn't go will end up at the salvos. :)

    Our address is 7 Barmah Place.



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    Free Stuff - can you help?

    Posted on: 22-08-2018

    A local resident is moving house on Friday 24th and has several items free for anyone to come and pick up. These items include:
    1) a large dining table custom built for us - a few marks on it but generally in good condition;
    2) A treadmill - good quality Horizon brand - that I used the other day with some cosmetic damage on the arms, but again in good condition;
    3) A large 6 man tent - vango brand - 1.25 to erect: well worth it for a family of 5 or 6 - has never leaked;
    4) a small credenza - perfect condition;
    5) A small coffee table - a few paint stains - ideal for kids play area;
    6) kids bike - around 7 year old size - slightly rusty chain - but again general in good condition.

    As I said in the title, there's no charge for anything. We were just hoping that someone else - with the space - could get some use out of these items rather than us throwing them in the rubbish.

    Marlene and Mark

    Marlene 0478 002 132 or Mark 0421 102 444

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    Committee Update

    Posted on: 20-08-2018

    We have been advised by Council that they are carrying out works over the next weeks of the entrance water features. Once the work is completed the entrance water features will be again operational.

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    Mordialloc Bypass Update

    Posted on: 10-04-2018

    Received VIC Roads Correspondence Email;
    After talking with the local community, many of you made it clear you want a freeway to improve east-west and north-south connections, reduce delays and provide more reliable travel times . And we listened.

    The Victorian Budget 2018/19 will include $75 million to upgrade the Labor Government’s Mordialloc Bypass to a four-lane freeway, removing a further three sets of traffic lights from the current design.

    The $375 million project will cut 10-minutes off a trip between the Mornington Peninsula Freeway and the Dingley Bypass.

    The freeway will connect the Mornington Peninsula Freeway at Springvale Road in Aspendale Gardens to the Dingley Bypass in Dingley Village – creating a continuous freeway from Frankston to Clayton.

    The new freeway will have entry and exit ramp interchanges at Springvale Road, Governor Road, Lower Dandenong Road and Centre Dandenong Road.

    A new interchange will also be built at Thames Promenade, making it easier for drivers to access the new freeway.

    The new freeway will also be safer for cyclists and pedestrians with a shared path to be built along the entire length so they’re separated from traffic.

    The EES process and the assessments currently being undertaken are broad enough to cover the bypass becoming a freeway.

    Works are planned to start in 2019 and expected to be completed by the end of 2021.
    Watch our video to learn more about this exciting project.
    Have a question?

    Email: southeasternupgrades@roads.vic.gov.au
    Call: 1800 630 630

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    Mordialloc Bypass

    Posted on: 27-03-2018

    Dear Residents,
    The Moridalloc Bypass is a proposed new 9km arterial road linking the end of the Mornington Peninsula Freeway at Springvale Road to the Dingley Bypass.

    For further information, please visit the below link;

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    Waterways Bird Population

    Posted on: 27-03-2018

    A community minded resident and bird watcher wanted to inform other residents about the vast array of different bird species that inhabit our estate.

    Apparently there are 132 different species of birds in our estate!

    See how many you can find over the Easter break.

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    Responsible Dog Owners

    Posted on: 21-03-2018

    Dear Residents,

    Just a friendly reminder to dog owners that you must pick up your dog's droppings in public places when you go for a walk with your dog. Please make sure you have a plastic bag or "pooper scooper" with you to pick up any waste your dog leaves behind.

    Dog droppings carry disease and pollute our footpaths and local wetlands. Cleaning up after your dog helps keep our streets clean.

    I have attached the Victorian Law Foundation document regarding Dogs for owners to consider. Please note that local laws inforce rule for no cats alowed in the Waterways.

    Kind Regards,

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    Waterways Audit Reporting for 2017 & 2018 Proposed Budget

    Posted on: 13-03-2018

    Hi All,
    The Annual General Meeting is approaching on 18th April 2018 at Woodlands Golf Club. Attached is the 2017 Audit of the financial activities for your consideration at the meeting.

    Also attached for your consideration is the proposed Budget for 2018.

    The Notice of Meeting including agenda and reports will be posted shortly.

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    VCAT proceeding

    Posted on: 08-03-2018

    Please see attached the letter from the Owners Corporation solicitor explaining what happened at the VCAT proceeding on the 7th March and the subsequent orders issued by VCAT.

    Further information will be provided at the AGM (18th April) and included with the posted AGM material.

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    Snake caught

    Posted on: 05-03-2018

    This metre long copperhead snake was caught in the backyard of 5 Dresden Drive early afternoon today.
    Raymond from Snakecarchers 0412 777211 responded within 30 minutes, had to search neighbours yards but found the snake behind the lemon tree at the opposite end to where his tail had been spotted disappearing into a low bush.

    Opposite parkland in a seemingly snakeproof yard, this is a reminder to be aware, particularly if children are playing outside.

    Thanks to Gordon and Linda Tippett for reporting this.

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    Snake Season

    Posted on: 05-03-2018

    Dear Residents,

    Please beware that even though we are into the Autumn months, it is still snake season.

    Snakes are common around Melbourne urban fringes and particularly around water and parklands. Should you see or find a snake, please make sure you dont touch it.

    Kind regards,

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    Mordialloc Bypass Update- Have you Say

    Posted on: 05-03-2018

    Dear Residents,

    Expressions of interest are now open for the Mordialloc Bypass Community Reference Group (CRG).

    The CRG will provide individuals, community groups and businesses the opportunity to get involved in the planning phase of the project.

    Contact VIC Roads to register your interest

    1800 630 630

    VicRoads Mordialloc Bypass Project Director
    8/168 Exhibition Street
    Melbourne VIC 3000

    The CRG members will be announced in late March.

    For more information, please visit the below link:

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    Application lodged with VCAT by a Waterways resident

    Posted on: 02-03-2018

    Hi All,

    Please see the attached letter.

    The OC Committee does not agree with the assertion that the matter should not have been referred to VCAT and intends to proceed with representation from Berrigan Doube Lawyers. As previously stated, the sole purpose of the VCAT proceeding is to obtain certainty on the issue for all members.

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    Owners Corporation VCAT Application

    Posted on: 20-02-2018

    Dear All,

    Your Committee has engaged Berrigan Doube Lawyers (BDL) to represent the OC at VCAT in respect of the recently lodged application. BDL are experts in OC law and have assisted the OC with various matters over a number of years. The attached letter from BDL explains the background to the VCAT application, the reasons for the application being lodged in the manner that it has been and what your Committee is seeking to achieve from the VCAT proceeding.

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    Provision of Services - Committee update

    Posted on: 10-02-2018

    As previously advised, an application has been lodged with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) requesting the Tribunal’s review of the postal ballot special resolutions sought in respect of services related to the lake fountains, water features and irrigation.

    An initial Directions Hearing has now been scheduled for 7 March. The Committee will appoint external legal counsel to represent the OC at the Directions Hearing and in any subsequent hearings at the Tribunal. The purpose of a Directions Hearing is primarily to establish a proposed timetable for resolving the matter and the process for the conduct of the proceeding. If VCAT decides to continue exploring the merits of the OC’s application it may invite an appearance by any interested members of the community.

    The Committee will keep you informed as the matter progresses.

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    Finalised Special Resolution Ballot Count 2017

    Posted on: 19-01-2018

    Dear all,

    Please see the attached finalised special resolution ballot count, from all the received ballot papers that were recieved from the end of 2017 ballot.

    We thank everyone who completed the ballot papers and sent them back to our office.
    The committee will discuss and consider the ballot results at their next meeting, that will be held on the Thursday 31 January 2018.
    Should you have any queries, please call our office on 8586 1300 or email info@waterways.com.au

    Kind regards,
    Ace Team

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    Vic Roads web link

    Posted on: 17-01-2018

    Hi All,
    There is also a weblink to the project - copy and paste the URL


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    Mordialloc Bypass Environment Effects Statement Survey

    Posted on: 17-01-2018

    Vic Roads has created a survey so they can get a better understanding of the general awareness of this project and the EES process.

    The survey will take approximately 2 minutes to complete and will close at midnight on Sunday, 11 February 2018.
    Take the survey now by copying and pasting this URL into your browser:

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    Vic Roads Mordialloc Bypass EES information sessions - You are invited

    Posted on: 17-01-2018

    Vic Roads is running pop up information sessions to learn more about the proposed Mordialloc Bypass and Vic Roads is undergoing an Environment Effects Statement (EES) process and you're invited to participate.

    The EES will assess the potential environmental, social, economic and cultural impacts of this project, and how we'll manage these impacts.

    You can learn more by attending one of the three information sessions:

    1. Mordialloc Plaza
    600 Main St, Mordialloc VIC 3195
    When: Friday 19 January 2018
    Time: 9am - 5pm

    2. Aspendale Gardens Shopping Centre
    Narelle Drive, Aspendale Gardens VIC 3195
    When: Saturday 20 January 2018
    Time: 9am - 5pm

    3. Costco Wholesale
    8 Chifley Drive, Moorabbin Airport VIC 3194
    When: Wednesday 24 January 2018
    Time: 10am - 5pm

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    Committee Update - Ballot outcome

    Posted on: 15-01-2018

    Around 360 lot owners responded to the recent ballot. This fell well short of the numbers required to pass a Special Resolution.

    In November last year your Committee considered what action to take once the ballot results were known. The Committee decided that if the majority of owners who responded favoured a resolution (i.e. it failed purely on the basis that not enough owners responded), it was appropriate to ask VCAT to adjudicate.

    The resolution proposing that the OC fund Community Events saw a significant number of owners vote against it and has clearly failed.

    There was strong support for Resolutions 1, 2, and 3 – Lake Fountains, Water Features, and Irrigation. On this basis, these resolutions have been referred to VCAT.

    Julie McLean

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    Springvale Road Water Fountain Entrance Not Running

    Posted on: 15-01-2018

    Dear Residents,

    The water fountain at the Springvale Road entrance has unfortunatly stopped working for an unknown reason and this issue has been raised with Kingston City Council who currently maintain the water fountains.

    The issue will be followed up with Kingston City Council to try resolve why the fountain has stopped.

    Kind regards,

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    Snake Alert

    Posted on: 06-01-2018

    Hi All,

    A brown snake has been reported on Macquarie Circle path near the Waterways Boulevard.

    Please take extra care if you are about, dogs on leads please.

    Happy New Year


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    Special Resolution Postal Ballot closing next Monday 18 December

    Posted on: 11-12-2017

    HI All,

    Just a reminder, if you haven't already done so to please consider, complete and return the yellow Ballot Paper promptly in the enclosed reply-paid envelope, ensuring that it reaches Ace Body Corporate by the closing date of 18 December 2017.

    If you have already completed and returned the original Ballot Paper that was sent to you on 23 November, you will still need to complete and return the enclosed replacement Ballot Paper. Your original Ballot Paper will not be taken into account as part of the voting process. If you have not yet completed the original Ballot Paper please destroy it and complete the enclosed Ballot Paper instead.

    Thank you

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    High Rain Forecast 1 December 2017

    Posted on: 30-11-2017

    Hi All,
    Waterways was designed to accommodate large upstream rainfall events by rises in water levels in the wetlands and decorative lakes. The design was checked against the 100 year ARI, and the 500 year ARI. ARI is a measure of how often a given rainfall will occur. In essence, Waterways is designed around quite dramatic water level increases during unusual rainfall events, however water should not encroach on residential lots in 100 year ARI events, and should not exceed house floor levels even in 500 year ARI events.

    The February 2011 event saw in excess of 150 mm of rain in the Braeside gauge, and similar levels upstream. Melbourne Water stated this was greater than a 100 year ARI event. Bowen Parkway was closed; streets in Waterways were covered in water. Whilst water entered some houses, this was due in most cases due to inadequate yard drainage.
    The current forecasts suggest the rainfall over the next few days could be similar to those experienced in 2011. Just how high the water levels go in Waterways will depend on the how much rain falls both locally and upstream. Since 2011 there have been works done both upstream and downstream of Waterways which should reduce the impact – however If we get 150 mm or more of rain over a couple of days Waterways will see significant rises in water levels.

    In 2011 a few houses suffered damage due to inadequate gutters, downpipes, and drainage. Some roads were covered with water, and there was damage to both public areas and private gardens. This was not a “flood – it was the designed response of the system to high water flows locally and upstream of Waterways. Water levels rose slowly, and fell quite soon after the rain stopped. No-one needed to be rescued; no-one needed to be evacuated. Waterways did not lose power.

    So what to expect.
    Lake levels could rise well over the jetty chains, the paths around the lakes would be covered, Bowen Parkway could close, and many streets in Waterways would have water at levels unsuitable for small cars. Take advice about not driving through water.
    I hope this is useful and allays some concerns.

    David Flew

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    September Committee Meeting Minutes

    Posted on: 16-10-2017

    The draft committee meeting minutes from the last meeting can be found b clicking on the Documents folder on the left of the screen and then select the the Meeting tab.

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    Small Black Dog found

    Posted on: 13-09-2017

    A small black dog has been reported to have been found wandering on Island Point Avenue today and picked up by a concerned resident.
    The dog is safe and the resident has requested that if you are the owner of the little dog as per the attached image, please contact Clyde on 0477 061 660.

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    Aggresive Dogs off lead- Update

    Posted on: 05-09-2017

    Dear Residents,

    The Council have confirmed that the three Rhodesian Ridge back Staffies are known to the Council and advise that if you or anyone witness these dogs being walked off leash, please contact the council on 1300 653 356 and they will dispath an officer.

    Kind regards,

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    Aggressive Dogs off lead

    Posted on: 04-09-2017

    Dear Residents,

    Please beware that three Rhodesian Ridge back Staffies have been roaming the local area and the paths around Black Swan Lane off lead and are reported to be aggresive and have lunged to attack.

    Do not approach and prepare to defend your dogs or children.

    The dogs and the owner have been reported to Kingston Council, if you encounter the same experience please notify the Council or the Police immediately.


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    Lost English staffy dog more details

    Posted on: 03-09-2017

    Our lost staff looks like a pitbull , blue color but has black and white color on the chest. His name is Tiny.

    Although his nick name is Houdini as he escaped from his home leaving his collar and tags left on the floor!

    Here is a picture., a cutie

    Let me know if you find him.

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    Lost English staffy dog

    Posted on: 03-09-2017

    We have a lost English staffy dog. No details yet, but if you see it email info@waterways.com.au and I will pass on to the owner.


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    Letter to Owners

    Posted on: 28-08-2017

    Dear Owners,

    Please see the attached Letter to Owners, following the termination of the Maintenance Agreement and the most recent Annual General Meeting.

    The attached letter was sent out to all owners on Tuesday the 22 August 2017.

    Kind Rgards,

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    August Minutes of Committee Meeting

    Posted on: 28-08-2017

    Hi All,
    Effective immediately, once the draft minutes of each committee meeting have been approved they will be uploaded to MyCommunity.
    You will find them located in DOCUMENTS in the folder called MEETINGS.

    Kind regards,

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    Committee Update - Treatment of City of Kingston costs

    Posted on: 24-08-2017

    One of the questions raised at the AGM was around the treatment of costs to be reimbursed by City of Kingston. The OC Auditor has confirmed that it is acceptable and reasonable to restate the 2016 figures in the FY2017 annual financial statements, with the relevant disclosure note. This restatement will reflect the outstanding funds receivable from City of Kingston as at 31/12/2016, for costs incurred and paid for by the Waterways OC on behalf of the City of Kingston. We note that, as disclosed at the AGM, these funds have been received by the Waterways OC during FY2017

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    Ace Afterhours Service Provider

    Posted on: 21-08-2017

    Dear Owners/ Residents,

    We apologise for the last post regarding Ace afterhours service provider as this does not affect the Waterways residents.

    If there is any emergency action for the public open spaces (eg. fallen tree) notify SES and/or the Kingston Council. For all other emergencies in your own home, please call your preferred contractor.

    Yours Kindly,
    Ace Consulting

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    Burdekin Bvde Traffic Lights Update

    Posted on: 15-08-2017

    Hi All,
    We have been advised that City of Kingston has recently received final sign-off from Vicroads for the Burdekin Bvde / Governor Rd traffic light project. Hence all administrative hurdles have now been overcome. We don’t know when the Contractor will commence work.
    Traffic lights are also being installed at the Helen Kob Drive / Governor Rd intersection.

    Kind regards,

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    Minutes of Committee Meeting

    Posted on: 31-07-2017

    Hi All,
    Effective immediately, once the draft minutes of each committee meeting have been approved they will be uploaded to MyCommunity.
    You will find them located in DOCUMENTS in the folder called MEETINGS.
    The Committee standing orders will also be amended to reflect this decision.
    Proposed dates for the remainder of this year
    Wednesday 16th August, Wednesday 27th September, Wednesday 15th November


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    Burdekin Blvd Traffic Lights Update

    Posted on: 26-06-2017

    Several owners have recently followed up the status of traffic lights at Burdekin Blvd / Governor Rd intersection. Thanks to the owners who followed this up.

    The key portions of the response from Council dated 21 June are reproduced below.

    "The contract for the installation of traffic signals at the intersection of Governor Road and Burdekin Boulevard was passed through Council at its March meeting.
    The value of the works is approximately $1.6M
    Kingston is working with Vic Roads to finalise the approval and permit for the Traffic Lights - Burdekin and Governor Rd, Waterways.
    Vicroads has confirmed today that the approvals can be expected in the next two (2) weeks provided all comments by Vicroads have been addressed.
    The Contractor has confirmed today that works can commence within one month from now subject to approvals. The works will take approximately 8 to 10 weeks following commencement on-site.”

    David Flew

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    Street Lights

    Posted on: 13-06-2017

    Hi All,

    It has been reported that there are a number of street lights out across Waterways at the moment.

    If a street light near you is out, please report it by jumping onto the United Energy website: www.unitedenergy.com.au/contact-us/reportstreetlight

    Thanks All,

    Ace Consulting

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    Neighbour Hood Watch Update

    Posted on: 18-05-2017

    The Waterways Neighbourhood Watch Group is now an official member of the Neighbourhood Watch of Victoria (SD2 KNS037) and has a local Committee of ten (10) members.
    The Waterways NHW "WhatsApp" mobile telephone Network, on which members can send and receive alerts of any suspicious activity on Waterways now has 1 in 4 Waterways residences connected to it and is effectively alerting those households to any suspicious activity occurring on the Waterways Estate.
    The Waterways Neighbourhood Watch Facebook Page now has over 200 members and continues to grow, it can be found at:
    The Waterways Neighbourhood Watch email list now connects almost 200 residents and continues to expand.
    If you are a Waterways resident and would like to be part of the Waterways Neighbourhood Watch Group, the Waterways "WhatsApp" mobile telephone Network or the Waterways email list, you may do so by sending an email to okeh1@bigpond.com

    Waterways Neighbourhood Watch, making Waterways a safer and more secure place for all residents.
    Stephen Bardsley
    Waterways Neighbourhood Watch
    (a member of Neighbourhood Watch Victoria)

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    Survey result - table format

    Posted on: 05-04-2017

    Hi All,

    Sorry - all the formatting was removed after posting. I have attached a table to make the results easier to read.

  • Community Notice

    Survey Outcomes

    Posted on: 05-04-2017

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent survey. A whopping 343 responses were received out of a possible 754.

    There were several responses that could not be categorised into the four options (boxes left un-ticked, comments instead of a selection, creation of additional response categories, no address information etc.) and as such did not contribute to the overall metrics.

    Results will be used to shape this year’s budget and help steer transition communications and negotiations with Kingston City Council.

    Survey Item/Question Strongly Agree/Agree Strongly Disagree/Disagree
    Water Features: 84% 16%
    Fountains: 82% 18%
    Compliance: 72% 28%
    Irrigation: 71% 29%
    New Year’s Eve Fireworks: 61% 39%
    Christmas Event (incl. fireworks): 60% 40%

    Thanks again for helping to identify what is important to you all.