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Common Area Swimming Pools

There are six common area swimming pools at Al Zeina. Each pool comes with contemporary pool loungers and is surrounded by hard-wood decks and landscaped gardens. Some areas of the pool such as the one above are covered by overhead walkways providing shading and comfort in the hotter months. All the pools at Al Zeina are temperature controlled which means you can swim all year round. The pools are patrolled by trained lifeguards from 10am to 10pm, seven days a week. A number of podium villas, sky villas and beach villas also have their own private pools.


There will be six gymnasiums at Al Zeina. The gymnasiums are typically located close to the common area swimming pools. They will contain the latest fitness equipment including treadmills, exercise bikes, free-weights and machine weights. The gyms will be staffed by professional instructors and group classes will be available. Residents will be able to use all the gyms in the community once completed. The first gymnasium is expected to be completed in Precinct C by December 2011.

Onsite Security

The entire Al Zeina project is protected 24/7 by onsite security. Security guards patrol the common areas and each of the entrances to the different precincts. The security services are provided by the same company that provides the concierge services, Kharafi National LLC.

Secure parking

There are 2,790 car parking spaces at Al Zeina for residents and visitors. The secure parking is located over three levels in precincts A, B and C, two levels in precincts D and E while precinct F has parking over one basement level. Residents of the podium villas and beach villas can access their home via a private entrance from the car park. Each car park is well signed and colour coded and secured by security boom gates.

Lanscaped Gardens

There is a significant amount of landscaping throughout Al Zeina. This includes garden beds in the corridors and courtyards, grassed areas around the pools, landscaping along the beach and lawns areas throughout the project.

Retail Shops

Al Zeina has a retail strip that will eventually house up to 17 businesses, cafes and restaurants. The retail outlets are located at the front of the development as shown above with plenty of parking available for visitors. Negotiations are currently underway with retailers of home wares, pharmacies, supermarkets, medical centres, beauty shops, fashion outlets, cafes and restaurants. A Waitrose supermarket will soon be open for residents to stock up on fresh foods and convenience goods.

Children's Play Area

This soft surface play area is located in Precinct C. Part of the area is covered by the level above, enabling kids to play balls games or ride their bicycles under cover. This particular play area is adjoined to a planned child care centre which is due to open in the first quarter of 2012. Other areas for children will be located throughout the community such as the landscaped podium and the private beach area.


In precinct C there will be a common area library and meeting room for use by residents. Residents will be able to meet their neighbours for social functions, community meetings or just to relax and unwind. The exterior of the meeting room is shown above and is located in Precinct C, close to the planned child care centre.

Private Beach

One of the most unique features of Al Zeina is its 500-metre private beach. Residents will be able to stroll or lie on their own white sandy beach. Al Zeina also enjoys amazing views along the coast to Al Muneera, HQ and Yas Island. The beach will be patrolled by trained lifeguards (two males and one female) from the hours of 8am to 8pm seven days a week. The beach area will be complete with landscaped gardens, pathways and lawns for relaxation with family and friends. The beach is due for completion by November 2011.

Common Change Rooms

Located next to some of the common area swimming pools are change rooms for men and women. Each change room is equipped with bathroom and shower facilities for residents. The change room shown in this picture is located in Precinct C.


There are 52 elevators throughout the Al Zeina development. The elevators service up to eleven floors in the apartment towers and up to seven levels in other buildings such as the penthouse towers. The elevators were supplied and are serviced by OTIS.


Each building in each precinct will have 24-hour concierge available. The concierge services at Al Zeina are currently contracted out to Kharafi National LLC. The concierge will assist residents with any enquiries, assist with moving in and out, welcome residents and guests and generally be the resident's first point of contact for all building-related matters.

Solar Hotwater

Located on the roof of each apartment tower are solar panels to heat the water at Al Zeina. Taking advantage of the hot sunny days in the Gulf, this system is environmentally friendly and helps keep electricity costs low for the owners of the community.

Automated Lighting

While Al Zeina is distinguished by its wide corridors with lots of natural light, any parts of the common areas that have artificial lighting also have automated lighting systems including motion detectors. Most of the lights at Al Zeina use low-energy bulbs. These systems are environmentally friendly and help to keep electricity costs low which ultimately results in lower service charges for the owners.

Automated Watering System

Another sustainability initiative at Al Zeina is its automated watering systems installed throughout the gardens. Al Zeina has a large number of landscaped areas, garden beds and grassed areas, all of which have automated watering systems installed. This helps reduce manual labour but most importantly it significantly reduces water consumption. Good for the environment and good for service charges.

Security Cameras

There are 192 security cameras located throughout the common areas and most entrances and exits in Al Zeina. The video footage is monitored 24/7 in a central command centre by the security firm Kharafi National LLC and all video feeds are recorded if needed in the future.

Fully Equipped Kitchens

Each apartment or villa in Al Zeina comes equipped with the latest kitchen appliances. This includes contemporary cabinets, oven, range hood and stove. All of the connections for fridges and dishwashers are ready for residents to install their preferred appliances.

Large Balconies and Terraces

To take advantage of the ocean breezes off the Arabian Gulf and the amazing views of the coastline, most apartments and villas at Al Zeina come with balconies, terraces or decks. Unlike most developments in the region, homes at Al Zeina have generous outdoor living areas, some with outdoor areas over two or three storeys.