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On the roof top spa area these are substantially lounge and chill out areas that catch both the sun and shade for residents to enjoy and to relax.

Children's Outdoor Play Equipment

Children's outdoor play equipment areas are dispersed between each cluster of apartment buildings, with additional play facilities located near the health club.

Exercise Room

The exercise room for group classes at Sas Al Nakhl Abu Dhabi looks out to the pool area and is located directly below the gymnasium.

Games Room

The Sas Al Nakhl games room is located next to the exercise room and once again looks out onto the pool area.

On-Site Security

The entire Al Rayyana project is protected 24/7 by onsite security. Security guards patrol the common areas within each of the different clusters of the community. The security services are one of the key services provided to the community by Khidmah. As well as the patrolling security team, security officers will be stationed at the ground floor main entrance within each building, offering additional security and assistance.

Security Cameras

Closed circuit cameras which are monitored on-site, record all activities in security sensitive areas. Areas that are typically covered by closed circuit cameras include the external boundary, the car park, entries, exits and exit barriers, entrances to buildings, and elevator lobbies.

Retail Shops

Al Rayyana BOUTIK comprises a substantial proportion of the central community facilities building. Al Rayyana BOUTIK has 2,592 m2 of retail space dispersed amongst three levels. Al Rayyana BOUTIK plans to include when completed hair and beauty salons, food supermarket, pharmacy, bakery, food and beverage outlets, restaurants and specialty shops.

Swimming Pools

The expansive pool and its surrounding lounge areas are situated directly in front of the three-story health club facility. The pool has been designed both for laps and general usage. The pool opens at 6am to allow residents to do laps, however it closes from 7am to 8am for cleaning. It is then open until 10pm.

Community Meeting Room

The Clubhouse has a large community meeting room or a hall that can be booked out by residents at any time. This hall is often the hub of community events.

Landscaped Gardens

There is a significant amount of landscaping dispersed throughout the community. The grounds have been planted with a broad variety of shrubs and trees, native or sub-native to this environment.


Rather than having Health Clubs dispersed throughout the project, Al Rayyana has a single high quality centrally located heath club. Divided into two levels of free weights and machinery, there is no shortage of top of the line exercise equipment. Supplied by “Life Fitness”, this includes multiple running machines, cross trainers, rowing machines, bikes, step machines, multi-purpose weight stations for upper and lower body, free weight and stretching areas. The gym is open from 6am to 10pm and are manned by trained friendly staff.


Whilst the Sas Al Nakhl Village has no formal concierge services, the friendly Khidmah staff that run the Clubhouses have a community desk to assist residents with all activities and scheduled events. The events at Sas Al Nakhl include Yoga classes, tennis lessons, Arabesque dancing, kick boxing, ballet, swimming lessons, zumba, aqua aerobics, etc.

Common Change Rooms

Al Rayyana’s health club has extensive male and female change room facilities that house the locker rooms, bathrooms, showers, sauna and steam rooms. The roof top deck has outdoor showers and additional change rooms also.

Children's Pool

There is children’s pool facility located next to the public pool overlooked by the health club. The children’s pool is open from 6am to 10pm, seven days a week and is patrolled by trained lifeguards.

Tennis Courts

The 2 tennis courts are centrally located on the 5th floor podium deck. Bookings for the courts can be made at the clubhouse reception. A Khidmah-appointed community tennis coach will be offering lessons, tournaments, and junior activities from time to time. The courts are available from 7am-9pm.

Secure Car Parking

Each apartment is allocated a car park, with the three bedroom apartments offered two or more. Secure covered car parking is provided for residents of the apartment complexes in the basement and podium levels. Access into the building car parking areas for residents is through swipe card only.

Squash Courts

2 squash courts are available for use by residents. They are booked at and accessed through the healthclub on the 2nd floor. The courts are available for use between the hours of 6am and 10pm.

Central Rubbish Chute

Each floor has a centrally located rubbish chute.


Two elevators service each apartment building, from both the underground car park and each lobby entry.

Equipped Kitchens

Kitchens are fitted with stone bench tops, solid frame cabinets and stainless steel satin finishes. Kitchens are not supplied with appliances. All kitchens have access to gas.


A video intercom system is installed in every apartment building for guests, with all apartments fitted with video intercoms. All guests are required to use the lobby intercom system to contact the resident to gain access to the building.


Each residential apartment building has a lobby that is accessed through the central courtyard for that particular cluster. There are five clusters in total.

Multi-purpose Court

In addition to the 2 tennis courts, Gate Towers has a multi-purpose court for games of football, basketball, netball or volleyball.


Due to the small floor plates and the contemporary design of the apartments, every apartment except for the Type 1B units have an outdoor balcony.

Health Club

The Heath Club is located centrally near the entry to the community and houses all the common amenities for the community in one stylish high quality facility.


A community mosque is centrally located next to the BOUTIK Al Rayyana and Health Club facilities.


Each of the health club change rooms have sauna facilities for the use of residents.


The rooftop open deck area houses lounges and three large spas, offering residents a truly first class facility for relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the outdoor atmosphere. The Jacuzzis are open from 10am to 10pm.